Empowering Youth to Make a Difference

Our Mission

The Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) is a project of the Institute for Youth in Policy (YIP) dedicated to engaging youth in politics and promoting unity and bipartisanship with a focus on engaging unengaged youth and providing further opportunities in politics and policy. By creating academic opportunities to understand various viewpoints of political issues, expanding understanding and building excitement around civil political discourse, and hosting a variety of events to educate youth, the YACU project hopes to be the leading source for young people who are interested in politics, continuing the pipeline to YIP by providing educated independent thinkers who are committed to bipartisanship and political education from an unbiased lense.

The Youth Unity Pledge

The Youth Unity Pledge is a part of the Young Americans Coalition for Unity Project that contains two main parts. The first part of the pledge is a way for people to show that we are tired of hyperpartisanship in our country and want to open the table to bipartisan political discussion. The pledge encourages those who sign it to read our guide to bipartisan political discussion as well as have political discussions with three friends. In addition, the second part of the pledge is one for politicians to sign that shows to young people that they are stepping up to be a bipartisan leader in politics.

Sign the Youth Unity Pledge at youthunitypledge.com!

Upcoming Events

About the Institute for Youth in Policy

The Institute for Youth in Policy is a youth run, nonpartisan organization utilizing discourse to redefine the way youth interacts with policy. Within the Institute, young leaders cultivate curriculum, content, and policy which spurs fundamental innovation through discussional richness and diversity of thought.