How to Be Politically Active During Quarantine

We are currently in one of the most intense political climates within the United States’ history. As tensions rise, America’s youth is starting to take notice. Also known as Generation Z, this demographic has been growing more and more invested in politics since the 2012 election. This generation has utilized social media and the internet to spread their own political messages and advocate for their political views. The Black Lives Matter movement has engaged youth all over the country by organizing protests, starting online petitions and much more. However, during a global pandemic, it may seem incredibly difficult for young people to become involved, but this is not the case. There are many ways to get yourself politically active during quarantine.

As you may be able to tell, the Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) already stands on a digital platform that allows its members to volunteer while following social distancing guidelines. However, quite a majority of its members currently do not realize the potential opportunities there are for volunteering within the organization. The YACU is composed of many teams that build up the structure and foundation for its success. The YACU is made of 5 main teams: The Digital Team, The Communications Team, The Political Team, The Tech Team, and The Organizing Team. The YACU also provides opportunities to volunteer for political campaigns that appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. Be sure to sign up for the YACU through our Discord server at

The YACU has a system that allows for members and volunteers of the organization to express their political views and ideas without being harassed or treated disrespectfully. This is accomplished through scheduled debate nights that the YACU hosts. These are hosted through Zoom and anyone can sign up for them through our Mobilize page: The topics vary and moderators ensure that the debate stays civil. Another form of discussion is through our policy proposals on various issues. A highlighted topic is selected and various members of the community can propose solutions, ask questions, and discuss how it should be addressed. You can also sign up for these on the mobilize page previously posted.

If you want to expand your political activity, you can also volunteer for senate, representative, or presidential campaigns. These campaigns often offer youth programs that allow for young Americans to become involved. Many of these campaigns have turned digital. With easily accessible internet for young Americans in the United States, it is easy for them to participate and volunteer. Most campaigns offer phone and text banking systems that allow for volunteers to communicate with people from a certain region without having to be on the ground. One of the best ways for the youth to be involved with real politics at an early age.

In a global pandemic, it is not impossible for young Americans to become politically involved. Many organizations and campaigns offer opportunities for youth involvement. All that’s required is for you to take action.


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