OP ED: Who Should be Biden’s Running Mate?

While being the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joseph R Biden Jr. has launched his campaign at full force. He is explicitly speaking on hot topics such as racial discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, and the lack of leadership in the present White House. With November right around the corner, searching for a running mate has become his team’s main priority. Biden made clear at his last Town Hall that a woman will fill his Vice President spot. This has put him into a better position with the more progressive Democrats that he needs to win over.

Your first instinctive thought when you hear the word “progressive,” goes to Elizabeth Warren. Warren, a former senator and presidential candidate herself, targeted those who were not entirely sold with Bernie Sanders but still wanted a heavy liberal agenda. This would be a perfect fit for Biden’s team to help with the wealth inequality and funding of new social welfare benefits. However, she does not represent a different generation period or racial profile. With this being such a crucial time diversity in politics, I do not vouch for Elizabeth Warren. This doesn’t discredit her influence that she would bring to the campaign, but the hard truth we face has a President in the office who has continued to fuel racist sentiments.The country has acknowledged the problem of the frustrations of those on the side of injustice. Now we need leadership that follows through and builds onto the voices of the protesters—the voices of the unheard

After taking a look into each candidate that is being vetted, I strongly support Kamala Harris. Kamala has a strong background in politics from being a district attorney in San Francisco, State Attorney of California, Senator since 2017, and a former presidential candidate. Her continued support and dedication to government work speaks for itself. In her campaign for president, her campaign slogan was “for the people,” which reminded me of Joe Biden’s look as former vice president. He was called “Middle-Class Joe” and is keeping that image throughout his campaign. Harris has proposed tax cuts for the middle class and preached about direct impacts to those suffering from health care, paychecks, and their well being. Her and Biden’s relationship is known to be friendly, and they both have the same agenda that gains attention from both moderate and liberal ideology. Kamala also comes from a different generational and racial background, that Elizabeth Warren lacked. By creating diversity in his running mate makes sure that he represents those specifically who will be voting this election.

All of the women under consideration are more than capable of fulfilling the job. They have shown their commitment to this country by the tremendous amount of public service work they have put forth. However, in these exceptional circumstances, we need a candidate that will be ready for anything day one. Joe Biden would be the oldest president in history if he were to win the election. With being the second in line for the presidency if something were to happen, we need to make sure that this candidate can fulfill both jobs. Kamala Harris is the only candidate capable of that.



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