Opinion: Biden’s Path to Victory

To the surprise of few, Biden has a clear shot at winning the general election against the incumbent, President Trump. While his chances of victory are nearing 95%, these odds favor Biden more heavily than anyone would have thought just a year ago. But, how can Biden secure the presidency this November? While Biden may be leading in polls across the country, he will have to make some major decisions to strengthen his odds. First, he will need to select a vice presidential candidate, and according to Biden himself the list has narrowed to four women. This is thought to include, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Val Demings and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. When examining this list, there is only one contender that would bring major change to the campaign: Elizabeth Warren. While Biden could theoretically win with any VP pick, Elizabeth Warren would be his best choice. Her addition to the ticket would bring in many progressives and younger voters, which happen to be the very demographics that Biden lacks within the Democratic Party.

Now that Biden would have a VP pick, both him and Warren would need to be quieter than usual on the campaign trail. Why? Because President Trump is dropping in the polls, due to his tweeting and outspoken personality. By staying quiet, Biden and Warren would be able to sit back and let the president keep lowering his poll numbers. But the Democratic ticket shouldn’t be silent, they should stay on the offensive and be ready to criticize the president for his handling of the Coronavirus and racial divide. Using this strategy would allow Biden to stay up in the polls without taking unnecessary risks. Although this plan may not work for long, especially considering President Trump’s recent switch on many issues, such as mask wearing. In that case, Biden and Warren would need to be louder than the president and point out his mistakes.

Equally as important, leading up to the election, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would need to release massive policy updates and get into the public eye as much as possible. In order to do this, they would need to tour the country and collaborate on updating their current policies, in order to make them more appealing to moderate voters. Nevertheless, they would need to do this by going to swing states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania. By traveling to these states, voters will be exposed to them in a way they haven’t before. Luckily, both Biden and Warren will be free to travel the country, unlike the incumbent president and vice president, who need to be doing their jobs, hands-on, in Washington.

Let’s be frank, Joe Biden is not the most likeable person on the block. However, Biden has the chance to bolster his popularity by announcing that he will not run for a second term. This announcement may come as quite a shock to many, but it would allow Biden to acquire votes from Republicans and independents who are not fans of the current president. With all these new votes, Biden would have massive gains in the polls and likely capture many demographics that otherwise wouldn’t support the Biden campaign.

That being said, while taking steps like picking a popular VP would strengthen his better odds. There are numerous factors that can change the outcome of an election. For example, a debate performance, a news article, or a change in policy. Until November 3rd, 3020, there is no telling for certain who will take this election.



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