Who Will Win the Presidential Election in Florida?

With the countdown in full swing, Election Day is coming sooner than anyone anticipated. Arguably this election is viewed with urgency and importance like none other during my lifetime. With the unemployment rate at an all-time high, social movements sparking all over the nation, and the chaos of the global pandemic, the election will be an outlet for all of those frustrations.

Currently Joe Biden is leading in the polls and winning in nearly every swing state. With 29 electoral votes, Florida is a key player to the winning of the election. In nearly 100 years no republican has won the Presidency without Florida’s vote. In recent data Joe Biden, the presumptive democratic nominee has taken the lead since March. As shown in the graph, in April when most of the country was in lockdown, Biden was only up by .2 points. However, shortly after that, he took a strong lead with 6.2 points ahead of Trump in late July. With COVID - 19 taking over Florida under Republican governor Ron Desantis’s guidance, this can easily be seen as a downfall for Trump’s incumbent campaign. Not all voters who have previously supported Trump are confident in his handling. Republican Voters Against Trump did a study group and held a zoom meeting for seven Florida residents who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. They all expressed their distaste in his response to the pandemic. However, the lack of enthusiasm Joe Biden has for his campaign running is concerning. Pew Research Center Poll shows that only 33% of Biden voters were an expression for support, whereas 67% vote against Trump. This now comes down to people’s active participation and voting either by mail ballot or in person.

With months to come and Joe Biden to announce his running mate, anything can happen. Although Biden has a comfortable lead in the nation, we still have debates and the participation of those to conclude.






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