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YACU Announces Youth Unity Pledge

On December 14, 2020, the Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) announced the Youth Unity Pledge, an initiative to address hyper-partisanship and to increase open-mindedness when discussing political issues. The pledge, also known as YUP, contains two sections, a call to action to address partisanship and a promise of unity.

The first section, the call to action, asks those who sign to read the YACU’s Guide to Bipartisan Political Discussion and to have open, bipartisan discussions with friends. This was created to address hyper-partisanship in political discussions and divisiveness around sensitive topics.

The second portion of the pledge is for politicians to sign to show young people their commitment to bipartisan leadership.

Throughout November, the pledge was planned and written by the YUP Subcommittee, along with check-ins and oversight from the YACU Board.

The Youth Unity Pledge is linked here: Youth Unity Pledge. We hope you will sign and commit to bipartisanship in your daily life.

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