About the YACU

The Young Americans Coalition for Unity (YACU) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging youth in politics and promoting unity and bipartisanship. As the US's only youth-led nonpartisan & bipartisan organization focused on this unique combined mission of youth and unity, the YACU seeks to give everyone -- no matter their party, ideology, or background -- a chance to share their political beliefs, get involved, and find common ground. We're hosting special events, creating a nationwide network of local chapters, and fostering bipartisan discussions daily.

At the YACU, you can volunteer, lead, make new friends, and pursue opportunities only our coalition can provide. Whatever you believe, wherever you are, and why ever you're here: the YACU welcomes you.

Our Mission

The Young Americans Coalition for Unity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging youth in politics and promoting unity and bipartisanship. We work to empower both high school and college students to engage in bipartisan discussion and become politically involved in their local community and national politics.

Our Board

The Leadership Board of the YACU is comprised of leaders of major teams at the YACU. Board members are comprised of directors, officers, and representatives elected to their position by other board members or all the members of the YACU. The Board works to lead the organization as a whole, making decisions that drive the future of the YACU.

  • Andrew (Political Director)

    Andrew Juan is a political activist, organizer and policy researcher, dedicated to making the voices of young Americans heard in our modern political process. A high school senior based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Andrew has worked with a variety of political organizations. He served as the National Youth Director for a presidential campaign, creating the campaign's official youth organizing group. In addition, he has been on the Board of Directors of several environmental and local nonprofits.
  • Carlos (Board Chair and Legal Officer)

    Carlos is an incoming student at RIT, majoring in Industrial Engineering. His work in high school as the robotics club founder, tech crew lead for drama club productions, and IT assistant led to a profound interest in aggregating technology for a better and more efficient world. Carlos has also taken an interest in politics following the 2016 election and is registered as a local Election Judge. When he's not busy, you can find him playing Factorio or teaching other peers about personal finance.
  • Derek (Tech Manager)

    Derek Kaplan is a computer science student at Northeastern University who cares deeply about good governance. He is an experienced computer programmer who has been coding since he was 8 years old. Derek took an interest in politics during the 2018 midterm elections, and he is fascinated with how technology can improve the political arena.
  • Kanika (Communications Director)

    Kanika Tiwari is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham studying Political Science and Mass Communications. She is dedicated to doing her part in creating a better, more equitable future for all. She was an intern for a state senate campaign and has volunteered for several political campaigns, as well as worked for a non-partisan survey research firm. Outside of academics and volunteering, Kanika participates in her university’s band program and campus greek life.
  • Zainub (Senior Leadership Representative)

    Zainub Shah is a high school junior from New Jersey who is interested in all aspects of the political realm. She has volunteered with many humanitarian, environmental and political organizations fighting for justice. She is an avid reader on philosophical theory, classic literature and autobiographies. Zainub’s interest in politics began during the 2016 presidential elections when discussions about humanitarian issues and foreign policy took place. In addition to her passions in politics and reading, she enjoys trying out new recipes, playing piano, traveling, and photography.
  • Rowan (Member Representative)

    Rowan Williams is current a high school sophomore attending school in the beautiful Roanoke Valley. Rowan is passionate about political interest and studies political extremes frequently. He is interested in history and the sciences, along with physical education and creative writing. In his free time, you can find Rowan watching and playing sports, studying and working on his car, hiking, and playing the banjo.
  • Will (Senior Leadership Representative)

  • Ivan (Organizing Director)

    Ivan is a high school junior from Scarsdale, New York who is passionate about political involvement both locally and nationally. He is interested in everything political — from domestic politics, to international relations, to history — and has volunteered in several campaigns and local government offices. As the leader of his school’s political club, he loves discussing and debating political topics and helping others get involved in politics. In his free time, you can find him exercising on the rowing machine, playing Civ IV, and walking his dog, Zeus.

The YACU would also like to thank the following people for their work in the early days of the organization and the time they devoted for a better, bipartisan future:

  • Iris Lin, co-founder and former Organizing Director
  • Aidan Chinn, co-founder and former Digital Director
  • Jazmin Albertie, co-founder and former Organizing Director
  • Aiden Rood, co-founder and former Communications Director
  • Charlie Liu, former Technology Director
  • Andrew LaBerge, former Communications Director
  • Alexis Maese, former Digital Director
  • Michael Li, former Organizing Director