Opinion: The Consequences of Protesting

Last week the SEIU Healthcare Union stated, massive protests across America are doing more harm than good, as they are only bringing more death to communities. Since, these protests are taking place across the nation, usually with thousands of participants.

These protests began after the wrongful killing of George Floyd. He was killed by four police officers by kneeling on his neck, even after he was unconscious. In my opinion, these officers were wrong, so I believe these protests are justified.

While these protests have a significant meaning behind them, they will likely backfire on the protesters, as they are in groups of hundreds,completely ignoring social distancing guidelines, during a global pandemic as seen in NYC, Los Angeles, Detroit and other cities. It is more than likely that we will soon see a large rise in COVID-19 cases across the country. The New York Times stated, “ cities across America, raising the specter of new coronavirus outbreaks, prompting political leaders, physicians and public health experts to warn that the crowds could cause a surge in cases.” This spike will be caused due to a combination from few precautions and large crowds, both of which go against CDC guidelines for safety. Sadly, I can only see this leading to much more death in our nation, on top of our 109 thousand deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. This is because only minimal precautions are being practiced at the protests, such as some mask wearing and varying amounts of social distancing when possible, it is merely a disaster waiting to happen. Yet, hundreds of thousands are still protesting out on the streets of their city, as they know racial violence will likely have a much larger impact, as compared to COVID-19. But, both issues will have already caused lots of harm, with more likely to come.

Now, how could we prevent the death that these protests will cause? First, we could turn them virtual. By that, I mean calling your state and federal representatives, such as Senators and other members of Congress. As well as, other local officials. Second, you could split up the giant protests and turn them into smaller groups that can practice social distancing. These ideas would give protesters that extra bit of during the pandemic. But, if all else fails, simply wear a mask and wash your hands! There are so many examples of protesters that aren't wearing a mask. It’s simple, smart, and very effective! If these simple precautions were implemented, there would be a massive slash in death and infections from these protests, as proven by Wired.

Thankfully, protests are spread apart. They are using entire parks, plazas, and other outdoor spaces, which is great! This means that protesters can spread out, while they are spreading their great message, while spreading the message of black lives matter and peace. But, it is likely that death will come from the protests and from COVID-19. That being said, stay safe and voice your opinion.



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